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With our free job posting plan, you will reach thousands of great candidates in Nigeria. With our free work posting plan, you can reach out to job seekers from all over the country in a variety of industries and specializations. In addition, we ensure that all of the jobs listed on our website pass our quality assurance process. As a result, your work is being advertised for free on a website that prides itself on only listing quality and validated employment in Nigeria. To continue, complete and submit the form below.

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Benefits on listing jobs free on Myjobs

Wide coverage

You won’t find a better deal than posting your jobs for free on Myjobs, with thousands of fantastic candidates visiting our website every day.

Quality candidates

Our website’s candidate pool is unrivaled in terms of quality. We have the best league entry level, mid-level and top level professionals using Myjobs.

Verified employers

We only post jobs for reputable organizations, regardless of their scale. We encourage reputable small and medium businesses to post job openings on Myjobs alongside large corporations.

Ease of Application

You can direct candidates to your application website or have them submit applications to email account.


What is the difference between free job posting and paid job posting?

The free job  posting enables you advertise your positions and have applicants send you CVs to your account. If you want to increase your visibility and reach, a free job posting is not the best option. Having the featured job posting increases your exposure and scope. It helps you to properly arrange your applications and save your inbox from being clogged.

We do not remove advertisements from our website. We only mark them as filled and hide the application details.

To update your company details, go to your employer account’s dashboard and update your company information. Please keep in mind that once you’ve registered, you won’t be able to change your company name. You will need to speak with one of our members if you wish to change this.

The featured job posting has a number of benefits over the standard job posting. You get a first-page listing, the ability to hide your email address, and the ability to sort applications in your dashboard.

No, you can’t change the name on the job listing after it has been approved and posted.

If you have submitted a job ad and are unable to locate it on the website, please contact our customer service department to ensure that your job has been approved and posted.

Creating a job ad on Myjobs is easy.  You can use our chat service to have one of our agents guide you through the process.

If you don’t want your company name to appear in the job listing, upgrade it from a free job listing to a paid job listing using this link:

Please allow 7 hours for paying jobs on weekdays and 24 hours for unpaid jobs on weekdays. If your job ads are still not shown after this time, please contact us to find out why.

You’ll need to create an employer account before you can start posting job ads on Myjobs. Once your account has been approved, you may immediately begin posting job openings.

Once you have gotten a candidate for your position, visit your dashboard > Manage Jobs > Locate the jobs and mark as filled.

Please note that this does not remove the job from our platform. Also, note that a job that has been set as filled cannot be reactivated.

Attracting the right applicant starts from understanding exactly the kind of talent you need and making a perfect work advertising. You will get some inspiration from some of our job description templates.

The type of work posting package you pay for and the choices you made when posting the ad will determine where you get responses to your job advertisement. You get a dashboard if you use the featured job posting, which allows you to handle all of your job applications in one location (Your Dashboard).

Start by crafting a good job description. Learn how to write effective job description

7 hours on weekdays for paid jobs and 24 hours for free jobs on weekdays.


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